Forest People, 12th Century Post Imperium: Once the Trader has collected the various poison plants and roots needed for weapons and medicine, it is the Poison Brewer’s task to extract the poisons and to make them into a form suited to their various purposes. For arrows, a fast-acting venom is needed, in a form which will stick firmly to the arrowhead, and will not easily be spread about to cause undue accidents. Poisons used in medicine are usually in liquid form, to avoid any confusion between the two, and the greatest care is taken in the use of all venoms. In each community, the Brewer usually keeps the stocks of venom himself, allocating them to various people according to need. In this way a check is kept on the use of poison, and stocks are kept away from children. The Forest People are largely tree-dwellers, living in houses on huge woven platforms, high in the rainforest trees. The Poison Brewer always lives on the highest platform of all, both for safety, and so that the terrible fumes of his craft will not offend or damage the other dwellers. (via Poison Brewer — Inga Hunter)

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Russia, Kamtjatka, Klyuchevskoy volcano, Ключи


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Olivier Theyskens


Edmund Dulac

Illustration for Princess Badoura

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Eve Liu by Christos Karantzolas

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Rusalka by Alexander Petrov

if you don’t know Russian don’t worry, it is mostly a silent film, and COMPLETELY AMAZING

the only thing you might not be able to tell is the reason she was turned into a mermaid was because she drowned herself.  but don’t worry, this isn’t really a sad story!  



Olivier Theyskens Spring/Summer 1999


Leon Bakst


John Galliano FW 06


Titian - The Flaying of Marsyas. 1576

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