"Le Rêve, Angelique evanouie"
based on Emil Zola’s “Le Rêve”

Carlos Schwabe

so some man interrupted my friend and I while at lunch to tell her off for using her hands to make expressions? and then told me i should be an eye model or a  face model or something and that is why i don’t like eating outside.

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Tamburlaine illustrated by Harry Clarke


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Bibi Sharipova in "The Moon Shines Through Her" by Jens Ingvarsson for The Libertine June 2013 

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June Wayne

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Pavel Tatarnikov, one of my favorite illustrators.

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no cut playdo not edit.

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Pavel Ryzhenko

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Marine snails of the genus Xenophora collect shells, rocks, and other debris from their environment. They attach these objects to their shells at intervals during the shell’s growth. Sometimes it creates a neat radiating pattern; sometimes the effect is more that of a jumble of debris. The result for us in any case is that their collections become little samplings of a variety of faraway underwater realms.

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Ai Tominaga by Sophie Delaporte, Vogue China, March 2008.

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